CBSE Class-7

CBSE Class 7


CBSE Class 7 is packed with knowledge and information that influences the rest of the high school career of a student. It comprises several important topics that teach students to be independent in their academics as well as lays the foundation for language, art, science and math. Grade 7 builds a bridge between elementary education and the higher/secondary education of a student.
Children are exposed to new and relatively practical concepts which are applied to real life. It also helps build the fundamentals that will help students in their academic future.
Therefore, the study material is a key element towards helping them crack examinations and simplify the curriculum which is easy to understand.
We, at SpeEdLabs, take study material very seriously and hereby provide the required and accurate study material for CBSE Class 7.
Check them below:


CBSE has mandated the following subjects for Class 7 students which are compulsory for the students to study for the respective academic year.


We, at SpeEdLabs, provide the updated syllabus for CBSE Class 7 Math and Science and cover all the required topics which are prepared according to the CBSE guidelines. The chapter-wise syllabus is as below:


Name of the Topic Chapter Number
Nutrition in Plants Chapter 1
Nutrition in Animals Chapter 2
Fibre to Fabric Chapter 3
Heat Chapter 4
Acids, Bases, and Salts Chapter 5
Physical and Chemical Changes Chapter 6
Weather Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate Chapter 7
Winds, Storms, and Cyclones Chapter 8
Soil Chapter 9
Respiration in Organisms Chapter 10
Transportation in Animals and Plants Chapter 11
Reproduction in Plants Chapter 12
Motion and Time Chapter 13
Electric Current and Its Effects Chapter 14
Light Chapter 15
Water: A Precious Resource Chapter 16
Forest: our Lifeline Chapter 17
Waste Water Story Chapter 18


Name Of The Topic Chapter Number
Integers Chapter 1
Fractions and Decimals Chapter 2
Data Handling Chapter 3
Simple Equations Chapter 4
Lines and Angles Chapter 5
The Triangle and its Properties Chapter 6
Congruence of Triangles Chapter 7
Comparing Quantities Chapter 8
Rational Numbers Chapter 9
Practical Geometry Chapter 10
Perimeter and Area Chapter 11
Algebraic Equation Chapter 12
Exponents and Powers Chapter 13
Symmetry Chapter 14
Visualizing Solid Shapes Chapter 15


Study material acts as a torch in the darkness. It is the basic necessity that assists the students throughout their learning process. Accurate study material helps students to study for their exams, hassle-free. Therefore, we ensure to provide quality study material which is free from any unnecessary or irrelevant information and is prepared according to the latest CBSE syllabus. These are again, easily downloadable:
    • CBSE Class 7 Math
    • CBSE Class 7 Science


Here’s how we help:
Class 7 is a bridge between elementary education and higher/secondary education that paves the path towards a student’s academic life as well as his career. It is an important milestone as children get exposed to many real-life concepts and fundamentals that are necessary to build a strong base for their future academic careers.
SpeEdLabs is India’s leading adaptive practice platform and is used by more than 60,000 students, across 200+ cities in India. SpeEdLabs AI offers you online activities, regular classes through video conferencing, and certain testing activities. Our AI system helps track the daily performance of each student and enables them to learn at their own pace.
Students can also connect with Mentors 24/7 for doubt clearing, and revise at their own pace, using personalized worksheets.
We, at SpeEdLabs, provide NCERT Class 7 techniques that include chapter-wise solutions, equipping the students with the key to unlocking their problem-solving skills. We aim to create a significant impact on the academic career of students by adopting a suitable learning strategy.
SpeEdLabs students not only find solutions to their questions but can also verify if their answers are correct. Helping students to achieve an in-depth understanding of the core topics is our ultimate aim.
Therefore, we bring you the perfect sources and material to be exam-ready. Here’s what we provide:
  1. CBSE Class 7: NCERT Solutions 
CBSE students’ must-have books are NCERT Solutions for Class 7 because it covers the entire syllabus of Class 7 subjects. Solving these CBSE Class 7 textbook solutions will help students to clear their doubts and understand the concepts easily.
  1. CBSE Class 7: Important Questions
The CBSE course structure is designed in a manner to ensure that students do not go through a lot of pressure, moreover, books are made interactive and interesting for students to enjoy their studies. A lot of fun activities are included in between the chapters to help students learn playfully. It makes the process of conveying knowledge to the students effective and healthy.Listed under are the Important Questions, carefully curated by the team of our experts for each of the CBSE Class 7 subjects with their weightage. Students can refer to these questions while preparing for the examination.
  1. CBSE Class 7: Exam Preparation Sheets
Class 7 CBSE exam sheets are regarded as a worthy learning resource for the students while preparing. By practicing these, the students can easily get an idea about the topics important for the examination point of view and the question paper style.
  1. CBSE Class 7: Video Solutions
Concept clarity through audio-visual boosts confidence and eliminates the fear of exams. These also come in handy while revisions. Thus, we bring you the specially curated video lectures which are set by our experts, keeping in mind the exam pattern, question paper style, and chapter-wise weightage of each of the CBSE Class 7 subjects.
  1. CBSE Class 7: Sample Papers
You can easily download the sample papers, specially curated by a team of our experts. Sample Papers for CBSE Class 7 Math Sample Papers for CBSE Class 7 Science


Below are some reasons why should you choose SpeEdLabs for a stress-free Class 7 exam preparation:
  • An AI-powered individualized improvement plan, based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning is made easy with interactive and interesting lectures
  • Personalized attention from subject matter experts with 24/7 doubt-clearing sessions
  • Customized assessments with an instant evaluation of your tests
  • Availability of complete study material for CBSE class 7, with relevant question papers and practice papers along with the answer keys
  • Constant support and feedback to keep you motivated and make you exam-ready
  • Cross-reference of a single question, globally that helps you study a particular topic/concept from different angles possible
  • Direct interaction with experts for clarifying your unlimited doubts

CBSE Class 7 Videos

Learn about the “Process of making Yarn” from our SpeedLabs mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 1 minute.
Learn about the “Measures to be taken when a cyclone approaches” from our SpeedLabs mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 2 minute.
Learn some time-saving tricks to solve question based on “Area & Perimeter of a rectangle” from our SpeedLabs mentor “Ankush Garg” in just 1 minute.
Learn how to simplify an given expression using Laws of Exponents from our SpeedLabs mentor “Paritosh Rao” in just 2 minutes.
Learn about the various “Physical & Chemical changes” from our SpeedLabs mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 2 minutes.
Learn to solve problem sums based on mathematical operation on Fractions and Decimals from our SpeedLabs mentor “Ashish Mall” in just 2 minutes.

Learn some time-saving tricks  to solve question based on “Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions” from our SpeedLabs mentor “Ankush Garg” in just 2 minutes.

Learn the reason behind “Migration of Birds” from our SpeedLabs mentor “Shravan Lodhi” in just 1 minute.
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