CBSE Class-6

CBSE Class 6


Class 6 is an essential phase in a child’s education journey as it prepares them in their transition for higher studies and a multipart curriculum. From Class 6, a student must take their studies earnestly since the concept clarity built in this grade will be of great use in advanced classes.
Languages (English and Hindi), Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), and Social Studies (History, Civics, and Geography) are among the major subjects taught in Class 6.
SpeEdLabs covers Math and Science, and provide concepts and important questions in each chapter of the Math and Science of Class 6. SMEs (subject matter experts) designed in-depth solutions after an extensive core study are also available.


CBSE has mandated the following subjects for Class 6 students which are compulsory for the students to study for the respective academic year.


The CBSE class 6 2021-22 syllabus covers:

CBSE Class 6 Mathematics

Name Of The Topic Chapter Number
Knowing Our Numbers Chapter 1
Whole Numbers Chapter 2
Playing with Numbers Chapter 3
Basic Geometrical Ideas Chapter 4
Understanding Elementary Shapes Chapter 5
Integers Chapter 6
Fractions Chapter 7
Decimals Chapter 8
Data Handling Chapter 9
Mensuration Chapter 10
Algebra Chapter 11
Ratio and Promotion Chapter 12
Symmetry Chapter 13
Practical Geometry Chapter 14

CBSE Class 6 Biology

Name Of The Topic Chapter Number
Food: Where does it come from? Chapter 1
Components of Food Chapter 2
Getting to Know Plants Chapter 7
Body Movements Chapter 8
The Living Organisms: Characteristics and Habits Chapter 9
Garbage in, Garbage out Chapter 16

CBSE Class 6 Chemistry

Name Of The Topic Chapter Number
Fibre to Fabric Chapter 3
Sorting Materials into Groups Chapter 4
Separation of Substances Chapter 5
Changes Around us Chapter 6
Water Chapter 14
Air Around us Chapter 15

CBSE Class 6 Physics

Name Of The Topic Chapter Number
Motion & Measurement of Distances Chapter 10
Light, Shadows & Reflections Chapter 11
Electricity & Circuits Chapter 12
Fun with Magnets Chapter 13


NCERT, as required by the board, is the indispensable study resource for CBSE class 6th. The NCERTs provide students with a fundamental and structural grasp of Class 6 subjects and eases the struggle to comprehend the chapters in higher classes. The CBSE Class 6 study resources will assist students in understanding each topic in their class at an elementary level. NCERTs can be downloaded from
  • Class 6 Mathematics (Mathematics: Textbook for Class VI)
  • Class 6 Science (Science: Textbook for Class VI)


SpeEdLabs is a one-stop solution for all your Class 6 study requirements. NCERT solutions, video explanations, crucial questions, exam practice papers, and much more are among the services we provide.
At SpeEdLabs we turn your class 6 into a smooth journey by the following things:
  1. CBSE Class 6: NCERT Solutions
The CBSE course structure is structured in such a way that students are not under a lot of stress, and books are made interactive and engaging so that students enjoy their studies. In between the chapters, there are several entertaining exercises to help kids learn pleasantly. It improves the efficiency and health of the process of imparting information to students.
  1. CBSE Class 6: Important Questions
Important questions constitute a crucial part of the revision process. Students must practice important questions to get a firm hold over all the types of questions that can be asked in the exam. Practising would also clear conceptual knowledge and enhances subject knowledge.  
  1. CBSE Class 6: Exam Preparation Sheets
The exam preparation sheets are ‘must haves’ for Class 6. It will help the students to enhance their revision process and excel in the exam. Moreover, it also helps to acclimatize students to the exam environment.
  1. CBSE Class 6: Video Solutions
These video lectures provide a thorough knowledge of the topics. Furthermore, audio and visual assistance assist us in recalling information more quickly.
  1. CBSE Class 6: Sample Papers
To get an idea about the type of questions, and to learn time management skills while practising, sample papers are another beneficial method for students to give in their best for final exams.


  • Class 6 being a turning point, many students tend to panic, but it is beneficial to stay calm and understand everything clearly.
  • Students should study according to the given curriculum to feel secure when taking the exam.
  • Students are encouraged to prioritize revision as well. Practising key questions and previous sample papers is an essential aspect of the study schedule that students should follow daily.
  • Before the last few days of the exam, go over all of the essential formulae, chemical reactions, and questions.
  • Make a plan, and give yourself enough time to both study and rest.
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