For Students

  Competitive edge: Our commitment to the students

 It is about YOU: Not just the Poster Boys

 PRACTICE is Most Important for Success: Focus on it


For Parents

 It is your Moral Obligation to send your child to best Tutorial/Coaching But Think about following questions.

 Is there anyone who cares about your Child, on a regular basis, every week?

Why Us

1. Change in Learning behavior

Studies indicate that students want to participate in their learning, not just receive instruction. They want to learn by discovery rather than memory, apply it in practice, analyse their understanding, and discuss what they don’t understand. When you Activity Engage the children that is when the real learning takes place.

In today’s multicultural society, children come from diverse background, have different abilities, learning styles, ideas and perspectives. They have specific strengths which need to be nurtured, and weaknesses that need to be addressed. Personalized attention with more face-to-face time with teacher makes the academic outcome MORE EFFECTIVE.

2. Need Of The Hour: Technology Solution To Provide Personal Attention

Technology has touched our life in unexpected ways. As our children become more tech savvy, our classrooms need to leverage technology in meaningful ways to make an impact on the learning process. Digitizing content allows easy access, learning activities can be customized to meet individual needs, and students’ performance can be easily tracked. Use of technology makes the learning process MORE EFFICIENT.

About us

SpeedLabs is founded by IIT/IIM alumni; who have teaching experience. Its founders are expert educators of JEE aspirants. A unique approach has been adopted to help students get face-to-face personal help in a planned regular manner; which results in their improved score and chances to..
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